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【由里設計 傅瓊慧、李肯】魔幻手筆鋪敘雅緻宅 歡聲疊唱幻馬戲曲

OPEN Design
【由里設計 傅瓊慧、李肯】魔幻手筆鋪敘雅緻宅 歡聲疊唱幻馬戲曲


The interlude opens at an inverted hobby horse. The vision of emphatic and loose lines of the upside-down picture stirs the consciousness. The detailed setting renews itself, alternating between allegro and adagio, crescendo and decrescendo in a magical journey in time.

Amidst the turbulence of galloping force, the objects in the apartment, layered in an orderly manner, shape the nearness and distance of the scenography and break through the orthogonal framework. Asymmetry. Dislocation. Suspension. Ascension and Landing. The scattered arrangement of dynamic space merges into a painterly installation art of a homestead.


The New Order of Multi-axis Composition



The client works in the creative industry and wants a home with characters for times of pleasant gatherings. The four-fold shared space occupies most of the floor area balances the functional areas with its scene:

1. The white French window with an array of irregular rectangles of different sizes and positions is the main decoration wall and a storage shelf. The hidden door that leads to the private area on the center opens like magic in alternate dimensions. The subtle classical molding reflects the solidity and voidness of geometric cubes. In contrast to the dark-color main wall, a sweep of division walls combines functions with fantasy.


2. A perforated screen at the porch separates the entrance corridor with the adjustment dining area. The vision penetrates the round mirror through the metal shelf of the planting wall. The wall of the sizeable dark-color shoe rack connects the front and the rear views and integrates the trivial elements.


3. The irregular table characterizes the living room. The surface faces the main TV wall and unfolds with the symmetry of the flying horses' layering like a puppet show. Galloping in the living room with the partial inlay of crystal diamonds like the scenery of installation art.

The Convergence of the Classical and the Modern

Modern versus Classical, covered versus exposed, visual versus functional. These seemingly binary pairs are no longer in opposition but infiltrate and define the other side, continuously weaving into a breath of life.


4. The ceiling is exposed with extra clearance. The main lintel suggests the division between living and dining areas. The other asymmetrical fake beams and meshes integrate the wiring and light fixture, galvanized with gold. The beams with varying widths on the ceiling are asymmetrical in contrast with the asymmetrical lines with mixed lines on the floor. The formal structure disintegrates, only to be pieced together again. The functionality and aesthetics complement each other.


The dining area extends the white color scheme flooring of the living room. The square and hexagonal tiles with metal joints imply a sense order with the convoluted configuration while demarcating the boundary between the two areas.

6.通往臥室的通道兩側,一邊是以Art Deco線條設計的圓弧鍍鈦反射線板,內崁通電玻璃使玻璃霧化,走道另一側是菱紋線條,通道圓弧鍍鈦透明玻璃門與對牆幾何線條封板暗門的對比,夾道是疊影綽綽的風華。臥房背牆延續通道幾何古典線條,金色鍍鈦鏡面,繃皮革,藝術塗料,異材質的契合,演繹密綴,疊襯而有序的美學手法。

6. On either sidewall of the corridor that leads to the bedrooms, two sets of galvanized reflecting channel covers confront each other. One lines up as Art-Deco curves with its electric currents to prevent fogging, while the diagonal lines on the other side form a lozenge pattern. The play between translucent glass door of the galvanized arcs and the dark coloring of the geometric lines on the hidden door makes up a layering of shadows. The bedroom wall extends the geometric and classical lines of the galvanized golden mirror, leather surface, and color paints. The hybrid of heterogeneous materials evoke a dense yet ordered aesthetics.



設計團隊:由里設計 傅瓊慧 設計總監、李肯 主持設計師

OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒:http://www.openworld.tv/talk/

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