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【詠絮設計】綠意盎然靚境 層疊富裕心扉

OPEN Design
【詠絮設計】綠意盎然靚境 層疊富裕心扉


設計概念 Design Concept

此案為多層樓透天住宅,詠絮設計 因應「在家即可享受綠意」的設計核心理念,軟裝皆從「自然元素」發想,在選材與造型上呼應戶外庭院植栽;空間配置方面,有鑒於建物備有採光良好的多面落地窗,因此便配合各樓層的窗景變化,以及非方正的室內結構,打造出通透寬廣的視域,並進一步形塑「一層一景」的特殊複合風格,使每個進入空間的人,在沉澱身心之餘,亦可享有充滿變化的驚喜。

Draw on the core concept of "A green house of enjoying scenery at home“; YUNG HSU INTERIOR DESIGN makes use of natural elements of furnishing and art decors to echo the outdoor landscape of the multi-story house. Moreover, there are several French windows that introduce excellent daylighting of the site; and then, comply with the configuration and the structure of each floor to create a transparent and spacious setting. Thereupon, by means of the distinguished style of different floors bring about the glamorous and stunning features of the comfy space.

設計手法 Design Techniques

規劃合宜配置 迭變各色風貌
Well-proportioned configuration vs. Fine-integrated styles


The site is a five-storied building. The first floor contains the entrance hall, the living room, and the dining room; plane the homeowners' bedrooms on the second and third floors; then set up the study and the children's rooms on the fourth floor; finally, configure a comfy family room and audio-visual room on the fifth floor. Take the notion of creating the spacious layout and gorgeous texture of the space; moreover, coordinate the outdoor scenery and indoor scale to manifest the contemporary fashion, rustic woody, and exquisite functioned styles; so that people can enjoy the swapping scenes step by step.

呼應綠植窗景 形塑療癒氛圍
Perfect indoor-outdoor views vs. Brilliant comforting atmosphere


The designers take the advantages of several large-scale French windows and the charming courtyard of the foundation, as well as to adopt the "window views" as the design focal theme. On that account, make use of solid woods and marbles of marked texture to echo the outdoor landscape, as well as to bring about a captivating nature realm. Furthermore, exploit the sedate tone of black, white, and grey to set up the stylish areas, and by way of the concise rustic linear features of rock and twig, so that perfectly work in concert with the natural surrounding.

複合空間用途 營造通透視感
Remarkable multiplex layout vs. Laudable commodious impression


The designers set up a recessed area to lead the greenery marvelously integrated with the place; and equipped with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows to introduce the landscape of the courtyard into the house. Due to the setting of the "inner courtyard", the staircases, and the elevator, not only generate the corridors at the central part of each floor, eventually form the long and narrow pattern of the space. In order to achieve the layout of capacious and transparent features, the designers exploit the minimal furnishing and partition schemes. In addition, the unadorned corridors from the ground floor to the third floor merely play the role of the transition of each area. Then, takes the advantages of the skylight of the fourth and fifth floor, respectively configure a study, and a family room of wide-open pattern, thence, ingeniously improve the application and imagination of the space.

The living room


Make use of the panels of irregular pattern to shape the extraordinary feature of the entrance hall, and slightly to set apart from the living room. Set up surrounded French windows on the ground floor, and assort with window-blinds to freely adjust the scale of covering and lighting. But, the glass windows around the "inner courtyard" do not arrange any curtain, which enhance the totality of the green landscape and the building. And the solid art sculptures in the public area that adds up abundant humanistic implication of the space via the elegant figure.


The marble floor and the fair-faced concrete wall bring about the plain beauty that apart from the fashionable style. The aside fabric single chair and the carpet present the varied textures of grey tone. Moreover, the custom-made coffee table of piled-wood feature and the cushions of geometric picture and bright orange color that generate the eye-catching elements of the living room; in the meantime, create the genial and cozy atmosphere to welcome everybody home.

The kitchen and the dining room


Meticulously set up a kitchen island in the kitchen-dining room to provide flexible meal demand, and then ingeniously select a stylish chandelier to hang over the typical dining table, the striking feature of radial shape becomes the hub character of the space. The legs and the tabletop are all made of thin solid wood, which not only shows the feeling of lightweight, but also well match the outdoor landscape, consequently create the unwind and harmonious dining atmosphere.


Make use of grey mirrors to set up the wall of the dining area, which reflects the courtyard scenery and form the window views on both sides, moreover, by way of the same proportion divisional plane as the gray walls, so that the overall structure is harmonious and symmetrical. The black solid wood trims around the ceiling continue the concise texture of the design elements of the walls; furthermore, create a more spacious vision of expanding the scale and depth via the inward framework.

The staircases


The utility storage space underneath the stairs is decorated with an art-decor and moderate light to manifest the artistic atmosphere as an art gallery; besides, two raised steps are added at the bottom of the stairs to set off the display feature of the area. Introduce the sunlight via the small square windows on the wall, and go with the soft wall lamp to guide the visitors to go upstairs and explore the interior scenes.

The master suite on the second floor


The master bedroom on the second floor has excellent daylighting, so choose moderate recessed lights to modify the ceiling crossbeam. Follow the modern fashionable style of the public area, yet exploit wooden floor to work in concert with the garden trees by the window, thence, help the homeowner relax and rest amid the refined while rustic situation.


The corridor perfectly shapes the independent dressing area, which provides a functioned user-friendly space. Considering the collections of jewelry and leather goods of the homeowner set up the cabinets of open style and equipped with lights of demonstrating effect. The full-length mirror on the metope expands the narrow space horizontally, and assort with the light gray glass to link up the areas, further activate the indoor atmosphere, as well as to enjoy the outdoor greenery.

The second master bedroom on the third floor


Adopt the same layout of the master bedroom on the second floor to configure the master bedroom on the third floor, and bring about window views to the higher floor via the natural unvarnished wooden texture. The sliding door on the left side and the wall on the right with symmetrical features; moreover, the wooden bedside wall of straight linear cutting and the bar shape pendant lights that generate the delicate and harmonious perception. Make use of grey glass to create the semi-penetrate vision of the walk-in closet, also bring the vivid charm of the sedate wooden space.


In response to the soothing feeling of the space, reduce the furnishing of the dressing area to essentials. Lay a wooden tea table and rattan chair by the window, and transform the cabinet into a mini-bar, so that fashion a small plot for chatting and sipping wine, and add up the elegant charm of living.

The study on the fourth floor


The two children's bedrooms are on the fourth floor; in view to achieve the demand of letting the kids can learn and grow together, so the corridor in the middle converted into an open study. The linear division texture of the metope and the iron bookshelf of rectangle frames echo the floor-to-ceiling window, which introduces excellent daylighting of the space. Via the simple open design shapes the pressure-free atmosphere and provides a superb environment for family fellows to accompany and interaction.

The children’s rooms on the fourth floor


Plan one of the children's bedrooms of Japanese simplistic style. Exploit the wooden bedstead and the birdhouse pendant lamp to create a vivid and captivating character of the space. Beside the window, fix an open cabinet on the structural pillar, which not only meets the storage requirement; but also achieves the effect of adorning the shape.


Adopt the black, white, and grey as the prime hues of another children's room. Take the advantages of the built-in cabinet and suspended desk to reduce the heavy feeling of the dark hue furniture. The surface of the wardrobe is married with zigzag iron pieces to create the glamorous touching of the concise feature. The bedside ornaments of bird figure and the branch shape coat-stand shows the natural elements of the building through the brilliant way of the modern and simplistic style.

The audio-visual (family) room on the fifth floor


Eliminate the superfluous spatial furnishing of the audio-visual room, only fashion the wall and the ceiling of concise texture. Moreover, adopt the gentle and harmonious color scheme to bring about a cozy circumstance for the family holders to enjoy the rich media experience, as well as to bring the family affection more cohesive.



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