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【簡兆芝室內設計 簡兆芝】樸實《酌藝》景緻 挹注寧寂日常

OPEN Design
【簡兆芝室內設計 簡兆芝】樸實《酌藝》景緻 挹注寧寂日常


設計概念Design concept

簡兆芝室內設計 簡兆芝 主持設計師 以畫作挹入,讓其生活空間多元使用,以「精簡留白」為要旨,使畫家女主人陳列其中的作品躍升主角,思及業主嚴謹縝密的性格,於經典的黑白灰色塊間,簡筆勾勒工整線條,同時引渡明亮陽光入屋,共築一座簡約通透的宅邸;屋內細心鋪排的家配,於此挹注鮮明個性之餘,周圍與之和諧搭配的樸實景致,更實現業主對寧靜日常的嚮往

INK DESIGN SPACE, chief designer Kathy Chien is skilled in exploiting paintings to create a multi-faceted living space. Considering the solemn and meticulous character of the homeowner, the designer adopts concise linear scheme and classical color themes of black, white, and gray, meantime, introduce brilliant sunlight into space, successfully bring about a sophisticated and spacious residence. The designer takes the ideas of "simplification and blank space" skillfully furnishes the interior with the hostess's charming artistic products, which become the striking features of the space. The designer carefully arranges the delicate and harmonious settings, not only draws out the distinct personality but also succeeds the homeowners' yearning for tranquil daily life.

設計手法Design techniques

開闊風景 簡約生活
Immerse amid the capacious landscape and simple life


We take advantage of the extensive nature landscape and city view of the foundation; moreover, reduce the solid compartments of the public areas as much as possible to create a capacious and polished ambiance. Furthermore, simplified the furniture arrangement after evaluating the essential needs, so that the homeowner can enjoy a simple and cozy life after retiring from the busy executive work.

內斂色彩 流露個性
Reveal the distinctive character via sedate color schemes


Regard the prudent character and art specialty of the couple, apply clear and clean colors of black, white, and gray into the whole space, and incorporate with neat linear features to achieve a pristine and orderly homely situation expected by the host. At the same time, the hostess can exhibit and update her artworks, ingeniously attract the guests' sight to appreciating the paintings without being disturbed by the environment.

紋理疊加 豐富感官
Exploit coordinated features to enhance the captivating situation


The clear-textured granite TV wall works in concert with the wood veneers of the cabinets and doors; finely result in the genial and breezy sensations, moreover, creates the visual and tactile gradations of the pure color scheme. The metallic Boeing film of the entryway wall stands out with its unique glossy texture, perfectly activates the plain and serene vibe of the surrounding.

The living-dining room


The TV wall is equipped with a small wall mount rack to serve as a wire case, and couples with the speaker on the other side to bring a balanced view. Considering the retired homeowner still taking a consultant job, the large dining table in addition to entertain crowds of relatives and friends, also serves as a home office desk, and elaborately place right next to the living room, so that the laptop can connect to the TV screen to review a lot of information.


Set a glossy chandelier in the dining area, which is composed of a few spherical lights of "perfection" symbolization, brilliantly bring the inviting and lively charm of the dining atmosphere via the transparent glass fixture.

The kitchen


Set an island in the center of the kitchen to meet the needs of light meals, and space out a side to result in the display function, as well as to reduce the bulky sensation of the massive setting. The electric household appliances and storage cabinets are respectively set on both sides of the wall to bring about a concise and open pattern. The natural outdoor landscape excellently introduces from the French windows and cast significant contrast to the bustling city street scene opposite.

The study


Since the homeowner's daughter occasionally comes to visit and stay overnight, considerably set a folding glass door between the study and the dining area, moreover, equipped with roller blinds to keep the privacy. Choose a sofa bed to replace the traditional table-chair setting to freely transform into a cozy guest room at any time.

The master bedroom


Adopt the plain earth color scheme to configure the furnishings of the master bedroom, which set off the breathtaking greenery outside the window. Lay a single chair beside the wall to create spacious flow, and inlaid a mirror inside the front desktop to serve as a make-up mirror, other uses as a desk in the regular days, skillfully meet a variety of living demands via the casual layout.



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