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以愛之名 完美混搭的智能好宅 It's all about LOVE - A Smart House with Impeccably Mix-and-Match Styles



The client, a couple with kids, wishes to own an interactive field that parents and children enjoy their family time. This is a dream house that the husband works so hard to plan for the modern, ornate, and colorful decoration to showcase the love to his wife. Its a household having the passion for life that they enjoy a more cozy and convenient living through installing intelligent technology in the house. Its all about LOVE is the theme that Shih Hsuan CHEN, the director of Mosquare Interior Design Studio, customizes for this design project. Chen makes good use of the mix-and-match aesthetics and cleverly sets the smart storage function to build a comfy, pleased home where the daily life of the clients family is full of laugh and happiness.


機能巧思 絕妙收納×便利智能×綠建材


絕配混搭 繽紛色系與優雅華麗×現代純淨



The transformation of space created by the clients wish list will be taken shape through the process of step-by-step planning, integration, and troubleshooting. The site is located in Taiwan where every square inch of land and every dollar count. How to integrate the function and aesthetics yet maintain the spacious interior space is a big challenge. So Shih Hsuan CHEN, the design director of Mosquare, transforms the storage function into various creative looks through the special metal hardware, hidden cabinet doors, and a rotating table with ingenuity that perfectly harmonizes among the wall cabinet storage, furniture arrangement, and the layout of whole space. What the brilliantly mixing style creates is an out-of-expectation design with a large capacity storage function, as well as making it be the key element of homey & comfortable everyday life.

Functions with Ingenuity- Clever Storage X Handy Smart Design X Green Building Materials

This project is made for a four-person family. To meet the requirements of large-capacity storage space and playing with two kids anytime, the householder wants to fully use every corner of the house and turn them into practical storage places. Under such consideration & to beautify the interior design as much as possible, the designer devotes effort and selects the special metal hardware to make the presentation of the siding have a smoother texture and visual effect, building a better-hidden storage function! While entering the gate, the attractive hexagonal bricks catch peoples eyes. The imported horizontal opening/closing mechanism used for the cabinets in the entrance hall takes up less room than the traditional cabinet doors. Moreover, a rotating shoe rack is set behind the pure white, elegant cabinet doors, which is a convenient design of a front-back row & multiple-layer style. Walking through the glass-made room divider accessorized with metal decorative frame inlay, the space behind the TV wall cabinets decorated with the entry-level luxurious & decorative strips is an ingenious design that the extendable TV wall mount is used as the mechanism to open and close the storage cabinet siding. What an impressive and unique design behind the TV. The highlight of this project is the rotating dining table mixed with bar design in the open-style kitchen. The rotating table provides multiple functions when its in the minimal or extendable mode. It accommodates six people or more if its in the mode of a dining table; it turns into a bar table in normal times. Such a flexible function maintains sufficient room for the kids who can play around and have fun over here. The dream design for all the parents is to cook and interact with their children at the same time. Planning for the spatial circulation with safe, rounded edges, only selecting the lower formaldehyde building materials, and the smart operation of the air conditioners, lighting, and curtains are customized to build a healthy, convenient, and relaxing environment for the children, which is the parents best wish for the kid growth.

Best Mix and Match - Colorful Shades & Graceful Beauty X Modern Simplicity

To create a gorgeous style, colorful look yet to maintain the elegant simplicity of modern design, the design director, Shih Hsuan CHEN, conceives the mix-and-match aesthetics through utilizing the precise proportion and balanced color allocation. The female house owner desires to own a vista wall made of cultured stones as the eye-catching independent wall would be just perfect for the fascinating hexagonal bricks in the vestibule. Even though its a low-profile design, a few entry-level luxurious atmospheres are naturally built by the glass-made room divider with metal decorative frame inlay, the stylish handles placed on the cabinet doors in the vestibule, and the simple decorative strips in the house, like putting the finishing touch to the spatial decoration. Also, the multicolored visual proportions and tones need to be better integrated and properly allocated, such as the brilliant, mature-style, blue-grey wall behind the sofa & the milk tea color used for the aisles set between the dining room and private area cleverly echoing with the wooden floor and wood-veneer kitchen cabinets. The Azulejo tiles used in the cooking area are the most eye-catching decoration that makes you impressive in a low-profile way, creating the atmosphere like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last, take a look at the private areas where the best embodiment of function and aesthetics is expressed. The design of a white sliding door plate is adopted for the dressing room in the master bedroom, which saves much room and keeps a clean, fluid, and elegant look. The macaroon tones used in the rooms of little girls showcase the imaginative style that the geometric cutting of color blocks is transformed into a vista-wall-like picture full of adorable and beautiful expression. You can find diverse surprises from every corner in the house, as well as feeling how the parents cherish and care for their kids. This is a warm and elegant house named its all about LOVE.

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