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我剛剛接到一個國外朋友的慰問訊息(國籍要為他保密 我怕她有麻煩)
Hi, how are you? I do not know how exactly are you involved in the student protests against CSSTA - but if you are, or if you know someone who is (like member of organization, NGO, student group etc), you should be more cautious these days on the internet/cyber front We got reports suggesting increased likelihood of Chinese driven targeted operations against these
and the threat of Chinese targeted cyber attacks is considered valid - this time against the student leaders, and the opposition organizations

I have read something and during my job I got to read some materials that are not completely public

it will be most likely in one of following two things 

a)denial of service - if they use some websites for cooperation, communication, distribution of knowledge, these might get taken down 
a) 拒絕網路服務-如果他們利用某些網站來串連、交流、或傳遞資訊,這些網站可能會被撤掉
b) more personal - targeted phishing emails. Basically crafted emails to representatives of the opposition, trying to take control of their accounts and computers, steal data and basically all this usual stuff of espionage
b) 較個人的-針對式的釣魚郵件。針對異議領袖製作的郵件,試圖控制他們的帳號和電腦、竊取個資、和常見的各種間諜行為。

there is not much to do, just have this in mind and be in increased sensitivity to strange emails - Microsoft .rtf files might be used until April 8th, masquerade .exe files and infected websites redirects the usual - do not open attachments, do not visit links you got in the email, be more suspicious than ever and for the denial of the service - have backups. Both of the data (like contacts, prepared press kits etc) as well as means of communication (phone numbers exchanged, different servers for storing information people are informed about in advance, the usual)

目前我們也沒辦法,但請放在心上,並對奇怪的郵件多加提防-四月八日前不要用 Microsoft .rtf (因為目前 .rtf有重大安全漏洞,預計八日更新),小心masquerade、.exe執行檔、網址連結或轉址…這些平常就該小心的東西。不要隨便開附加檔案、不要打開奇怪郵件裡的連結,把警戒心拉到最高。

There is right now known vulnerability in Microsoft .rtf files - without any countermeasure other than not to open them at all. If they are used, they might be able to take over control over the target computer there is announced fix that should come up by the 8th of April from Microsoft
現在微軟的 .rtf 檔已知有安全漏洞,且目前沒有任何因應方式,只好根本不要打開。如果對方使用 .rtf 檔攻擊,可能可以掌控被攻擊的電腦。目前微軟是宣布四月八日要公布補救方法。

The rest are just common attack vectors, which are not time specific - these types like sending you email with file with .exe extension, .swf or redirect to a webpage where these files are stored. But this is usually a common attack technique, so nothing specific can be done to prevent it, other than careful thinking

除此就是常見的攻擊方式,這些就沒有時間限制。這些攻擊方式大概就像寄信給你,裡面夾帶 .exe、.swf、或藏著這些鬼東西的網址轉址。這些東西很常見,所以也沒什麼好多說的,就是一切小心!
this is from our sources we use in our investigations, that we consider trusted (and pay huge money for them:)) )


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